A Metamorphosing

by A Metamorphosing from Myanmar

Hello from Yangon, Myanmar,


I have been enchanted by Twine and the flair it adds to storytelling since I was introduced to it at a game workshop this year. The original work of this essay was supposed to be a letter talking about my experiences during the coup, but as I was writing, I realized none of the paragraphs connected to each other. Though this attempt at playing with Twine maybe lowkey making up for bad writing, it’s a fun maze to go through and connect the dots. At least I hope you think so.


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With Love,

A Metamorphosing from Myanmar.


This text is part of မိုးသောက် — a series of posts edited by Nathalie Johnston and arranged by Myanmar Art Resource Center and Archive (MARCA).
မိုးသောက် or ‘moethauk’ literally translates to ‘drink of rain’ but is used in the Burmese language to refer to the early morning or dawn. The participating scholars in this section of the blog are from Myanmar and chose this name to reference a new beginning, starting over in the wake of the damage caused by Covid-19 and the recent military coup in Myanmar.

A Metamorphosing from Myanmar She is currently in a cocoon. She is transmuting. She is busy. But sometimes she sleeps a lot.
Phoo Myat Thwe is a curator, facilitator, and art Writer interested in the ability of Art to promote social cohesion and to connect people historically, emotionally, socio-politically. Phoo Myat Thwe facilitates physical and virtual spaces to create such dialogues. She integrates emerging tech in methodologies and mediums for artistic research, production and exhibition-making. She is always critical of self and practice, and strives to get out of comfort zones since that’s where creativity and critical thinking go to die. She is based in Yangon, Myanmar.